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What we do?

CGI Forge helps build brands, launch & market products through
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We craft cinematic stories for brands that want to stand out in the ever-growing sea of content. We believe in exploring the possibilities to create content that inspires people.

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We are passionate to create photorealistic 3D commercials to enable brands to convey their message to their targeted audience!

3D Modeling

Have a Physical product, but need a 3D model? We got you covered! The 3D models that CGI Forge makes will be:

–  Highly Detailed
–  Accurate Representation
–  Animation Ready
–  Compatible with all 3D Platforms


Have a product but doesn’t have textures? Not an Issue! our artists know that this is one of the most important parts of the whole process. The textures will be:

–  Photorealistic
–  Imperfections to add realism
–  PBR & Procedural
–  Compatible with all 3D Platforms

Animation & Renders

Have the model & Textures, but do you want Stills or Animation? We will curate your brand’s identity in your Animations or stills using our expertise by:

–  Lifestyle Set Design
–  Cinematic or Natural Lighting Setup
–  Using the Right Camera Moves
–  Conveying the brand message

Post-Production & Compositing

Almost all commercials have this yet most of the Artists are unaware of the fact that this is the part where it can make or break your content. What can we do in this field?

–  Color Correction
–  Color Grading
–  Emulating the Imperfections of a real camera
–  Editing the Video Clips

04 // This is how we do it

Our clients describe us as team players who animated unique 3D visuals to help them stand out.

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We have aided our clients by forging 3D animations that helped them with brand launches, marketing campaigns, and boosting sales. Check out some of our previous work and experience how we will animate for you

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The digital world is moving with
a technical rhythm that’s not
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Made from scratch

We've made a few unique visual and strategy projects.

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VUDU exists to expand human consciousness, increase cognitive capability, and foster spiritual connection. CGI Forge worked with VUDU to create core visuals for the website &...

  • Strategy

    Making the renders feel premium by emulating Styles from Pixar, Microsoft & Apple

  • Design

    3D Animations, Renders & Gifs

  • Client

    Todd Allison Fehres

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Fam Favata Advanced Marking s.r.l.

Fam Favata Advanced Marking S.r.l. is the Italian company distributing industrial markers and encoders that can boast a long tradition in the panorama of companies that deal with packaging;...

  • Strategy

    Make them standout from there compititors

  • Design

    3D Animation & renders

  • Client


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Woodboard is a personal project that the Co-founders made to demonstrate there skills as what they can achieve for Keyboard Manufactures & Keyboard Brands.

  • Design

    3D Modeling, 3D Animation, 3D Rendering

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