Woodboard is a personal project that the Co-founders made to demonstrate there skills as what they can achieve for Keyboard Manufactures & Keyboard Brands.

To make a captivating & Cinematic commercial for a Keyboard

  • Design

    3D Modeling, 3D Animation, 3D Rendering

01 // Project Overview

Making A Concept
A Concept into

Going to the Portfolio of CGI Forge,
we discovered in early 2022 that we don’t have a Keyboard Animation. So, the Co-Founders of CGI Forge Taimur Ali & Hassan Omer got to work.

03 // 3D Animation

Putting Things into Motion

As Soon Taimur made the 3D Model of Woodbaord (based on the real life Ducky One III Fuji Keyboard), Hassan Started making the Animation. After a few weeks the animation was ready! 

06 // What We Made


3D Modeling

In this Project Taimur needed to make a keyboard that looked good & Premium. So, He decided to use Ducky One III Fuji as a base & Built on it. 


For this animation we had an Idea, that there is a wood enthusiast that makes a lot of stuff with wood & he made his best creation yet WOODBARD


Since the Keyboard needed to be made with wood, Taimur tried a lot of PBR wood textures, but they Didn’t gave the results that he wanted. So, He decided to Make his own textures Using Substance Painter

Lighting & Animation

for the look & feel of the animation, we wanted to make it look like a Disney or Pixar film. For this we had to add a lot Volumetrics & strategy placed lights.

As for the animation, since we had a slow paced music, we had to replicate the same emotions in the movement.

07 // Let’s Collaborate

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