Fam Favata Advanced Marking s.r.l.

Fam Favata Advanced Marking S.r.l. is the Italian company distributing industrial markers and encoders that can boast a long tradition in the panorama of companies that deal with packaging; its history begins in 1954, the year in which the company began to distribute exclusively for Italy the industrial markers of MARSH, a company of which, after almost 50 years of intense collaboration,® we are still proudly the official importers of the LPG product line.

Help them to achieve better visuals while keeping the same feel

  • Strategy

    Make them standout from there compititors

  • Design

    3D Animation & renders

  • Client


Open Project
01 // Project Overview

What did
Fam Favata
Needed help with?

During the end of 2022, I was contacted by the FAM FAVATA Team. The basic premise of this conversation was that they needed to UPGRADE there visual quality & give them a Cinematic Makeover

The main challenge of this project was to create unique and visually-appealing environments that would match the client’s brand image and showcase the Printers in different lifestyles while keeping it clean & minimal.

02 // 3D Renders

FAM's brand new
look made from

When Fam Favata Advanced Marking S.r.l contacted us, they already had a few 3D Renders but they were not up to a certain standard that they wanted to achieve.

So here we come into the Picture.
we studied their compactors & got them up & running. 

03 // 3D Animations

We’re changing the way people think of Fam Favata Advanced Marking S.r.l

05 // Review

Client's FeedBack

It's awesome!

Raffaele Comite

Better then expected!

Chiara Vimercati
06 // What did we provide?


3D Modeling
& Texureing

In this part, we had to make the 3D models for all the environments & products presented in the animations & renders, then texture them in the most accurate way possible to recreate the real-world materials in 3D.


For the Social Media Campaign, we had to create two different Animated Videos each showcasing the uniqueness of the product and how it connects to nature.


The client provided us with a lot of references, so we created a set design for each environment and added the product, experimenting with different looks until we found the one the team liked best!

07 // Let’s Collaborate

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