VUDU exists to expand human consciousness, increase cognitive capability, and foster spiritual connection. CGI Forge worked with VUDU to create core visuals for the website & social media campaign. We created a few Wallpapers, stills, GIFs & Animations.

Making VUDU standout from there competition & elevate there sales using CGI

  • Strategy

    Making the renders feel premium by emulating Styles from Pixar, Microsoft & Apple

  • Design

    3D Animations, Renders & Gifs

  • Client

    Todd Allison Fehres

Open Project
01 // Project Overview

What was
the problem
that VUDU needed
our help with?

Todd Fehrez reached out to us to create visuals for their brand launch. His vision was to make VUDU the APPLE OF VAPES showcasing the Vapes in various natural environments.

The main challenge of this project was to create unique and visually-appealing environments that would match the client’s brand image and showcase the vape in different lifestyles while keeping it clean & minimal.

02 // The Renders

The brand new
Look for

As we further preceded in our journey with VUDU, We came to the part of making the renders that define VUDU as a brand & why they were different. 

For that very reason, we kept one thing in mind “IT SHOULD BE THE APPLE OF VAPES” as Mr.Todd said.

03 // Animation

We’re changing the way how VUDU moves

When it came to Animation, We had to think outside of the box.

What does VUDU mean?
VUDU is a form of BLACK MAGIC.

So to best define the Visuals we had to implement these elements as best we could while making it feel like An Apple Commercial.

04 // Statistics

Project by the numbers.


Costumers Gained in 14 days


Investors Acquired in 45 days


Deals Secured with Wholsalers in 30 Days

How much did VUDU scaled with our help?
05 // Review


"The best in the business."

Todd Allison Fehres

Founder of VUDU

06 // What We provided


3D Modeling
& Texureing

In this part, we had to make the 3D models for all the VUDU Products & texture them in the most accurate way possible to recreate the real-world materials in 3D.

– VaporPro (3 Products)

– Lite (10 Products)
– Boxes (3 Boxes for Vudu Pro)


To show the product’s useability & functionality in a simple yet effective manner.

– Pods (10 Gifs)
– VaporPro (3 Gifs)


The client provided us with a lot of references, so we created a set design for each environment and added the product, experimenting with different looks until we found the one we liked best!

– VaporPro (1 render of each product)
– Lite (1 Render)
– Boxes (3 Renders)


For the Social Media Campaign, we had to create two different Animated Videos each showcasing the uniqueness of the product and how it connects to nature.

– VaporPro (2 Commercials)

07 // Let’s Collaborate

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